A glimpse of what you’ll see in the sea.

Dubai Marina is a marvelous artificial canal city marked with its spectacular towers, fancy yachts, luxurious hotels and wide selection of restaurants.

The beautiful hotel stands on an artificial island by itself. Its architecture mimics a sail of a ship. Burj Al Arab is definitely a must see in Dubai. To truly catch its marvel you have to see it from the sea.

This expensive five star hotel is famous for its location, architecture and multiple activities. It is home for an aquarium, fancy restaurants and Aquaventure, Dubai’s best waterpark. The Atlantis hotel is a spectacular view especially from the sea.

The Palm Jumeirah is a man – made island group that captures imagination. It consists of luxurious villas as well as a range of fabulous five star hotels with the famous Atlantis hotel at the front. The palm itself is a magnificent sight to look at from the sea.