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Splash tours speedboats are designed for maximum excitement and customer comfort with safety the priority at all times. Once on board our captain will explain the important dos and don’ts with an informative safety briefing before your adventure begins. Splash tours speedboats have onboard the latest safety equipment including global plotting system and VHF radios to ensure instant communication with other vessels and the Dubai coastguard. Our boarding platform ensures that embarkation and disembarkation is as safe as possible. Our skippers are always at hand to assist if required during the boarding process.

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All passengers will be provided with fully self-inflating life jackets. Splash tours staff will fit all passengers with snug automatic life jackets. They inflate on contact with water and also feature a manual inflation toggle. They are one size fits all and fully adjustable for your comfort. All our lifejackets comply with strict safety regulations and are serviced annually. Our life jackets ensure you can travel in complete safety and comfort. We also have small size life jackets especially for children.